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Cutting Air Mycelium at Ecovative
A note from Ecovative CEO, Eben Bayer: 2023 is already shaping up to be Ecovative’s biggest yet. It follows a year full of game changing developments, including major infrastructure expansions, high-profile partnerships with world class brands, and a near doubling of our team size. This is the year that we start to see the results of all that growth, as our mycelium technology moves up the graph to true global commercial scale.  -e
Meyers Manx Dune Buggy with Ecovative x Ecco Mycelium Leather-1
Expanding the Mycelium NetworkEcovative has been advancing our mycelium technologies across different industries, and we had a lot to share to a range of audiences. That included showing off Mushroom Packaging at the Sustainability in Packaging Conference in Chicago in March, to debuting the latest Forager materials at Premiere Vision Paris in February. And many more…
Foarger_FFAD Participant_Alexandra_Kisbarakso_MinimaPack
ForagerIn San Francisco, at the 2023 McKinsey Green Business Building Summit, Ecovative wowed visitors with gorgeous Forager mycelium upholstery inside an iconic Meyers Manx dune buggy (you read that right). It was part of our new partnership with ECCO Leather, and as our network grows, so do the range of collaborative possibilities.  The groundbreaking Forager Fashion Art and Design program, or FFAD, puts Forager’s materials into the creative hands of student independent designers. The first two participants designed beautiful, innovative prototype products. The next round for FFAD kicks off this fall, follow Forager for future updates, click here to apply.
Mushroom Packaging - Meghan O TedX Talk
Mushroom Packaging ExpandsIn addition to the Sustainability In Packaging Conference, Meghan Olson from Mushroom Packaging gave a TED Talk about the ways mycelium-based packaging address the problem of plastic pollution. Mushroom Packaging also launched a revamped website and new online store.
Grace K. at NSTA Conference for GrowBio
Teach the TeacherA couple weeks ago, at the Natural Science Teaching Association Conference in Atlanta, our team showcased mycelium GIY lesson plans, live demonstrations and more. Click here to get your own GIY material.